Welcome lunch for Singaporean students studying at Bocconi University

Associazione Singapore-Italia organised a welcome lunch for Singaporean students studying at Bocconi University. Following is an article by one of the Singaporean Bocconi students on why he chose Italy and Bocconi for his university education.

Why Bocconi University (Milan)? – By Felix Lim I chose to study at Bocconi due to its impeccable reputation as a business school and the overwhelming representation of Alumni in multinational companies, financial institutions, academia and government. Bocconi’s selection of major courses, exchange destinations and the opportunity to learn a new language appealed greatly to me. On a more personal level, I hope to encourage more Singaporeans to broaden their horizons in choosing an undergraduate programme and/or university by not limiting themselves to ‘traditional’ places such as Australia, the UK or the U.S. My experience at Bocconi so far has been really positive. I believe that an institution attracts people of similar mindsets and with Bocconi being having students from many different nationalities and backgrounds, one sees different sides of issues which aids one’s growth and development. Since young, I’ve always been interested in European history and culture and had a desire to experience the Old World culture. My interest in economics stemmed from reading news about the Global Financial Crisis and I wanted to explore this field of study in greater depth. The European economy features heavily in financial news reporting and I thought it would be a unique opportunity to study at an institution based in the heart of Europe. It may still be too early to pass a final judgment but thus far, I have no regrets in choosing to pursue my undergraduate studies at Bocconi. Learning a new language is intimidating and takes a while to get used to but English is widely spoken at the University. I find it advantageous to be a Singaporean as people would like to get to know more about me and Singapore in general, an effect which is very much subdued in places such as London, Sydney or New York.


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